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At Evotec curiosity is our compass. It drives us to ask bold questions, explore uncharted territories, and challenge the status quo. We believe that the most ground-breaking solutions come from a place of genuine curiosity, and that’s exactly what we foster within our talented teams. Evotec is a place where ambitious experts work together to change the face of modern medicine. Our firm commitment to our mission: "Together for medicines that matter", fuels our collective passion and purpose. Our journey at Evotec is shaped by three pivotal pillars:

We evolve and explore

At Evotec, we're pioneers in crafting with our partners efficient approaches for personalized medicine. Our distinct business model unleashes our full potential in a dynamic, rapidly growing environment, fostering rewarding careers. We fearlessly challenge the industry status-quo with bold and creative ideas. Colleagues enjoy global connections, diverse opportunities, and the autonomy to shape their careers. As we expand and integrate our successful business, we're building processes and structures to further scale into the future.

We drive innovation

Curiosity, freedom to explore and openness are at the core of how we work. Our work culture thrives on the challenges posed by ambitious projects, the passion of our colleagues, and an environment that recognizes failures and setbacks as integral parts of the process. This, coupled with our cutting-edge scientific endeavors, is our formula for innovation. Energized by an ever-evolving desire to explore new frontiers, we are dedicated to advancing modern medicine and contributing to a greater purpose.

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We dare and inspire

At the heart of our philosophy is a commitment to daring initiatives and inspiring creativity. Our workplace is built on friendliness and trust, fostering an environment conducive to solution-oriented discussions. This collaborative spirit consistently produces outstanding and groundbreaking results among colleagues. Within our multicultural and inclusive workspace, adaptability is not merely encouraged but essential to our success. Recognizing the power of collective effort, we believe that together, we will surpass even our wildest imaginations.

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