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Benvenuti a Modena


Welcome to Evotec's dynamic location in Modena, Italy, seamlessly merging groundbreaking science with a vibrant quality of life. Positioned strategically in the UNESCO-listed historic center, our facility provides a picturesque backdrop for both work and leisure. The city's cultural gems, such as the Modena Cathedral and Ghirlandina Tower, enrich the overall experience, offering employees a unique blend of professional opportunities and historical charm.

Modena is celebrated for its culinary prowess, boasting world-famous balsamic vinegar and Parmigiano Reggiano. Our team has the chance to savor authentic Italian cuisine at local eateries, enhancing the overall experience of residing in this gastronomic haven.

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Our site in Modena stands as Evotec’s center of excellence, specializing in state-of-the-art cell therapy manufacturing. Here, we pioneer cutting-edge technologies to advance the field of cell therapy, offering hope to patients worldwide.

The modern architecture and interior design of our facility mirror our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. Here, we cultivate an environment that fosters breakthrough discoveries and encourages collaboration among our team members.

Join us in Modena, where innovation meets excellence, and together, let's drive advancements in cell therapy to improve lives worldwide.

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Welcome to our site, where we invite you to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery!

  • Evotec

    Evotec (Modena) Srl, Via Maestri del Lavoro 4, 41036 Medolla, Italy

  • Best Icecream

    Gelateria Arcobaleno, Via Firenze 8, 41037 Mirandola, Italy

  • Waterpark

    Piscine di Mirandola, Via Dorando Pietri 9, 41037 Mirandola, Italy

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