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Hello Halle (Westf.)

Nestled in the midst of serene countryside landscapes, our site in Halle provides an inspiring backdrop for those looking to foster innovation and exploration. Surrounded by lush trees and expansive farmland, this tranquil working environment offers a unique setting for creative endeavors.
Situated close to the city of Halle (Westphalia), with its rustic charm and vibrant community, you have the opportunity to explore the region's cultural offerings and shape lasting memories. The area's simplicity and green surroundings encourage you to step outside, explore the Teutoburg Forest, and establish a healthy balance between work and leisure.

In our state-of-the-art offices, whether for individuals or small teams, you'll find the ideal space to explore your potential and create innovative solutions. The future inclusion of open-plan offices reflects our commitment to creating a collaborative and dynamic workspace that fosters exploration and creativity.

Our labs, equipped with cutting-edge machinery, provide the perfect environment to explore new methodologies and create groundbreaking advancements in chemical process development and analytical services. The chemical production plant, creating APIs for clinical phases, is not just a facility; it's a space where ideas come to life.

Join us in Halle, where the environment is more than just a setting; it's a dynamic space for you to innovate, explore, and be part of a journey filled with creativity and discovery.

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Explore Halle

Welcome to our site, where we invite you to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery!

  • Evotec

    Evotec DS Germany GmbH, Kantstraße 2 33790 Halle/Westfalen, Germany

  • Explore the nature

    Externsteine, Germany

  • Visit the Moated Castle

    Wasserschloss Tatenhausen, Schloßweg 2, 33790 Halle, Germany

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