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Munich, a city of contrasts, offers the best of both worlds: the bustling excitement of big city lights and the tranquil beauty of nature. Renowned for Oktoberfest and the English Garden, Munich also boasts historic landmarks like Nymphenburg Palace and Frauenkirche.

Beyond the city, Bavaria's picturesque landscapes beckon, from rolling hills to Lake Starnberg's shores. Munich's cultural richness, natural beauty, and vibrant energy make it a destination for adventurers and romantics alike.

With so much to do and discover in this enchanting city, Munich truly captivates the heart.

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Evotec Munich is located at Campus Neuried only 20 minutes away from Munich City Centre. We work in a brand new and very modern building. Our offices and laboratories are spacious and well equipped. Take your lunch at our canteen or at one of the nice restaurants or cafés at Campus Neuried. Here, a dedicated and ever-expanding team of over 60 scientists and technical experts is passionately committed to advancing the field of mass-spectrometry-based proteomics and bioinformatics.

Join us in Munich, where the spirit of innovation thrives against the backdrop of a city that celebrates both tradition and progress. Become part of a team that has proven its excellence over two decades and continues to shape the landscape of proteomics research. Welcome to a workplace where expertise meets ambition, and where every data point contributes to the future of healthcare.

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  • Evotec

    Evotec (München) GmbH, Anna-Sigmund-Straße 5, 82061 Neuried

  • Best café

    Vorort Neuried, Gautinger Straße 3 82061 Neuried, Germany

  • Take a walk in the green

    Englischer Garten, München, Germany

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