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Welcome to the historic city of Cologne, nestled in North Rhine-Westphalia and proudly standing as one of the oldest cities in Germany. Steeped in history, Cologne is renowned for iconic landmarks such as the Cologne Cathedral, a towering testament to architectural grandeur, and the annual spectacle of the Cologne Carnival.  

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany with a lot of leisure activities. For example, you can explore the historic old town, visit the famous Cologne Cathedral or take a walk along the banks of the Rhine.  

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At our Cologne site, a dedicated team of more than 20 scientists is at the forefront of pioneering work in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

We are located outside of the city near the highway. You can look forward to free parking possibilities at the campus and a bus station nearby. We are located on three floors in the building that looks rather old-fashioned and cozy.

Join us in Cologne, where tradition meets innovation against the backdrop of a city that has stood the test of time. Be part of a team that is contributing to the city's legacy while shaping the future of healthcare innovation. Welcome to a workplace where the spirit of discovery thrives in the heart of one of Germany's oldest and most vibrant cities.

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    Evotec International GmbH, Gebäude S20, Nattermannallee 1, 50829 Köln, Germany

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    Nennillo, Severinswall 22, 50678 Köln, Germany

  • Best walking area with kids

    Lindenthaler Tierpark, Marcel-Proust-Promenade 1/ Ecke, Kitschburger Str., 50935 Köln, Germany

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